Friday, 30 June 2017


I am in the GreyMain School production History Rocks and it is exciting.The show is on Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday.Dancing Queen is my favourite song because I like the words to the music.It is $5 for a ticket if you would like to come.Please come along and sing with us!


  1. Hi Royden
    Well done on your blog post you have done so well I hope you are having fun in the Production I'm going to watch on Friday so I bet it is amazing!!

  2. HEllo Royden
    what a great post my favorite song id dancing queen to i love how you have wrote about the tickets and they music
    By Mackenzie

  3. Hi Royden, I found your blog by accident looking at information on History Rocks! I am the author of the play 'History Rocks! and really glad you enjoyed the song Dancing Queen. You are never to old to rock out to some cool tunes and learn some History too! If you keep up with your interest in writing you might write a book or a play when you are older? I'd love to hear more about your experience of the show. Thanks, Rachel Sutherland (Teacher-Author N.Z)

    1. Thank you I had no idea that you were the author of the show History Rocks, how awesome!! Maybe next time when I do the whole show again, you could come and watch. Where do you come from? Do you have any advice for me? How did you start writing plays? I made one as well. It's called Pencil and Kettle.
      From Royden, a fan of your plays!

  4. Bonjah Royden
    I went to the history rocks show. I saw you in a really cool custom, your wig was pretty funky. The song danceing queen was one of my favorites to. Did you have a favorite dance move in the show?
    From Mia


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