Thursday, 27 July 2017

This week in maths I have learnt that there's a 50/50 chance to get a heads or a tails which is even. But when we tossed the coin 10 times we got 8 heads and 2 tails so it wasn't certain to get half heads and half tails.

Origami Heart

We had to get a red piece of paper and folded the paper into the shape of a heart.  It's called origami.  It was a little bit tricky to old.  I think I followed the instructions perfectly.  I would like to do some more origami and make a person like Ronald Mc Donald.

Friday, 30 June 2017


I am in the GreyMain School production History Rocks and it is exciting.The show is on Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday.Dancing Queen is my favourite song because I like the words to the music.It is $5 for a ticket if you would like to come.Please come along and sing with us!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sausages and fruit and vegetable drink

This whece I made same yummy jouse of frout and tiny soises to they cooked for 4 mines on touseday  and it was fun fun fun FUN.  I learnt how to peel the ORANGES!!

Reflection and Translation

Translation  is when shapes are the same size always but moved to a different spot. 

Reflection is like looking in to a pond  or a mirror. In this reflection up goes down ,and down goes up. 


Monday, 12 June 2017

Hanmer Springs Camp

Class camp.

Last week we went on camp to Hanmer Springs.  We stopped at Reefton on the way there for lunch.  We checked the cabins at Hanmer Springs then we did orienteering.
We all had maps to show the way through the bush and we had to find white pipes with numbers and letters that looked like birds.  After we collect them we get points.  I got 200 points.

At night we went to the hot pools in town. It was freezing cold at night.  Mr B helped carry the floatie up the the stairs to the hydroslide.  There were 67 stairs.  In the hydroslide it was more like a dark cave.  I loved it. I wanted to go again because it was so exciting.  The first half was dark and the second half was all bright and we were sucked in backwards back to the start.  My feet were stuck in the side of the wall, Belinda laughed at the sight and i didnt find it funny. L
There was a moving water pool called the lazy pool. To get there the very cold bricks were very hard to cross. The water was dragging me around.
 They have a kids pool.  In the kids pool there was a funny wet water bucket. We counted down from 5 to 1 and the water bucket tipped over and got my head all wet, it felt like a shower. I went into the water cave, I imagined that it was a castle, and I was a scary wizard of rain.
At camp I stayed in a room with mum and Belinda was in L6.  One night for tea we had sausages and rice.  The saisages were my favourite part of the meal but I tried the rice anyway.
I went to a fun park to try my new scooter out.  We found some exciting exercise rides to try out, one looks like a see saw.  That was my favourite exercise ride.  My favourite parts were 1 my i pad  2 the hydroslide, 3 sleeping in mums room together in the same room.
I would like to go to the hot pools again and again and again.  I liked Hanmer Springs, you should try it one day for camp.  You can see the sights if you wish, even the fun hydroslide ride and the lazy pool.  Have fun!!!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

4 and 3 x tables

This week I have been learning my 4 and 3 times tables.  We have been counting in 4's to help.  I have a new maths game called maths loops times tables.  The numbers and signs are on bubbles so that I can see them better.  It is excellent.